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Since it was created with the mission of collaborating with the Brazilian National Cancer Control Program, the Foundation could not fail to also focus its attention on the research area. Oncologic research opens up paths for discovery of new biological markers for early detection, besides the possibility of individualization and optimization of therapeutic treatment and development of more effective exams and new pharmaceuticals. Our research work has further contributed to understanding of the complexity of the disease, as well as improvements in prognosis.

Over the course of more than two decades, the Foundation has signed agreements with companies and institutions for development of research projects. It has been the major entity for incentivating INCA’s research area. Among the important initiatives it has supported are the Program for Internal Fostering of Research (Profip) and the National Cancer Clinical Research Network, besides various projects that permit creation of a research structure at INCA involving leading-edge technology. It also has carried out agreements with foreign institutions in order to finance research in Brazil, such as NCI/USA and the Swiss Bridge Foundation.

The Foundation also supports the National Tumor Bank and Oncobiology Program of Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ).

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