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Oncologic Attention Plan

The Cancer Foundation performs Consulting services for states and municipalities all over Brazil in order to enhance the processes for cancer prevention and treatment. Such work encompasses actions, programs and projects that are needed for implementation of the National Oncologic Attention Policy in all aspects involving education, promotion of health, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, palliative care, information-processing systems and assistance regulation. It is developed in partnership with the state and municipal health secretariats involved. The States of Rio de Janeiro and Amazonas already have such a Plan, as does the municipality of Macaé.

The consulting work performed together with the Rio de Janeiro State Health Secretariat was concluded in 2013. The Oncologic Attention Plan developed, based on the diagnosis of the situation in the state, was aimed at rational use of the resources available, with targets and indicators for tracking and appraising results. The basic principle was the equity and integrity of the treatment for the population, with a view to cutting down the incidence of cancer and deaths caused by the disease.

Further in the year 2013 the Foundation signed an agreement with the Municipal Prefecture (City Hall) of Macaé to develop the Oncologic Attention Plan for the city, including expansion of the Macaé Oncologic Center. Both aspects of the project were concluded in 2014, in order to make the city a benchmark for high-complexity assistance in oncology. The plan involved entire design of the municipal health network and its developments for full oncologic assistance, going all the way from diagnosis through palliative care, treatment including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, besides cancer records and research.

In 2014, the Foundation performed Consulting services for the Amazonas State Health Secretariat and Government. Among the services were diagnosis and recommendations for actions to enhance access and quality of care provided by the Amazon State Oncologic Attention Network. The project, concluded in December of the same year, also included appraisal of medical services, operational procedures, information-processing systems, billing and monitoring of results of the Amazon State Oncologic Control Center Foundation (FCECON).

Additional information on the consulting services for states and municipalities related to oncologic attention can be requested via e-mail (comunicacao@cancer.org.br) or by phone (21) 2157-4600.

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