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The Brazilian Cancer Foundation was created almost a quarter century ago, in 1991, by Dr. Marcos Moraes – at the time the general director of INCA – together with three other doctors, Jayme Brandão de Marsillac, Ulpio Paulo de Miranda and Magda Cortês Rodrigues Rezende. The objective was to seek economic-financial alternatives so as to expand INCA’s services for persons stricken with cancer and intensify efforts to prevent and control cancer.

Creation of the Foundation opened up a new channel for receiving funds from private initiatives, as well as local public agencies and international institutions. The management model adopted has contributed since then to INCA’s steady growth.

The results over these past 24 years reflect the commitment made when the institution was created: contributing to the actions of the Brazilian National Cancer Prevention and Control Policy. The Foundation’s governance practices – including transparency, efficiency and nimbleness in managing funds – have assured the institution an outstanding position both in Brazil and around the world.

The Cancer Foundation has become a benchmark institution and earned the recognition of the medical and scientific communities. While it continues to be a major INCA partner, it has expanded its activities and the challenges it takes on. Among the short-term projects in the works are operating an oncologic hospital to be opened in 2016, and soon afterwards a palliative care unit.

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