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Cancer in children and adolescents

Cancer is the leading cause of disease-related deaths in the 5-19 age bracket in Brazil. The disease evolves rapidly in children and youths, yet early diagnosis and appropriate treatment increase chances of successful cure by up to 80%. The Cancer Foundation works closely with INCA’s Pediatric Section, which handles 70% of the cases in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

In recent years, the Foundation has contributed to expansion of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, construction of the Ophthalmologic Consulting Office and creation and maintenance of the Pediatric Emergency Ward. Some of these success stories came about through funds obtained in partnership with the Ronald McDonald Institute, based on sale of tickets for the Happy McDay campaign oriented to INCA’s unit dedicated to children and youths.

The Foundation is also a partner of the Desiderata Institute and closely monitors the issue of access to and treatment of cancer in children and adolescents through its active participation in the United for the Cure group, an initiative of the institute that brings together managers of Brazil’s Single Health-Care System (SUS), specialized services and civil society organizations. The group’s objective is to promote early diagnosis of cancer in children and youths based on training health-care professionals, access within no more than 72 hours to investigation of suspicion of cancer and tracking the flow of handling cases of cancer in children and adolescents.

In 2014, to call attention to this important issue, on the occasion of Brazil’s National Day for Fighting Children’s Cancer (November 23), the Desiderata Institute launched a bulletin with a panorama of pediatric oncology in the State of Rio, with the support of the Cancer Foundation. The publication is aimed at disseminating knowledge and analyses of strategic matters that provide objective inputs for decision-making to enhance the network for dealing with cancer among our youth.

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Panorama of Pediatric Oncology

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